Powdered Candle – Dark Honey


A hypnotizing and sensual fragrance, you can feel the aroma of sweet honey intertwined with a delicate smoky note!

The Candledust candle brings out your creativity and lets it really take flight. No more thinking about what to do with used candle containers, just fill them with candle powder. The magic of the powdered candle lies in the fact that you can choose the container you like and get a completely new and fresh candle every time you light it!

How to use a powdered candle?

Find a suitable container and pour the powdered candle into a non-flammable container. For one wick, consider an area with a diameter of 8 cm. Several wicks can be used on wider containers but also consider an area with a diameter of 8 cm between wicks. Make sure that the tip of the wick is 0.5cm visible from the powder and light the candle.

There are three ways you can use it again:

• Crush the hardened wax into powder, pour new powder on top and insert the wick into the powder, so you get a completely new and fresh candle.

• If you have enough wick left, use it like a normal candle, just light the candle again.

• Throw away the hardened wax and place a new wick in the powder.

IMPORTANT! Use a wider container than 8 cm – Then the wax does not melt on the container and the container remains clean. If you want to change the container, just pour the powder candle into a new container, add a wick. The package includes the necessary wicks. The powder candle packaging is not suitable for burning candles! Without sustainer wick burning time ~9h.

The burning time of this candle is ~140h, candle comes with 20 wicks + 2 wicks with sustainer, which are designed for reusing candle containers.

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