Powdered Candle in Glass – Nordic Lights 160g


The aroma of a crisp forest adds freshness to the room, while giving it a brisk wintery sharpness. Other recognizable scents include citrus and bergamot. White cedar and musk add nuances. It creates a relaxing mood as if walking in a crisp forest.

Scented and shining mother of pearl Candledust candles are not your usual candles! They are ideal as a gift because a well-scented home and a practical gift will make everyone happy! Bring shine to your life!

Candlelust candles are designed to add elegance and a wonderful scent. The design of the candle is modest but at the same time elegant, so that it naturally fits into any home and interior design. The Candledust candles are in a transparent glass container and the candle is covered with a rose gold metal lid!

How are our candles made?

All The Candledust products are made by hand using high-quality vegetable wax and only premium grade (IFRA certified) fragrance oils. The wick used in The Candledust candle is cotton so that the burning is clean, toxin-free and allergen-free. The candle does not get soot if you make sure that the candle wick is not too long and take care of it and they burn 60% cleaner than other candles. They are really that good! The products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

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